FIRE!!!! Will you P.A.S.S. or Plan to Escape?!

Fire safety

Fire Prevention Week

was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire.

The tragic fire began on October 8, but continued into and did most of its damage on October 9, 1871.

This year Fire Prevention Week is Oct 4-10, 2015

We are a community that truly believes in safety and fire safety should be apart of that concern.

It is important to know how to prevent fires and what to do in case of a fire…

  • Install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home on the ceiling or high on the wall (next to your Carbon Monoxide/CO detector)
  • Keep smoke alarms away from the kitchen to reduce false alarms, at least 10 feet from the stove
  • Test all smoke alarms (and CO detectors) at least once a month and replace them when they are 10 years old.
  • Plan and Practice a Home Fire Drill   with the help of a Home Fire Escape Checklist
  • When a smoke alarm sounds, get outside and stay outside 


  • For the home, select a Class A:B:C multi-purpose extinguisher that can be used on all types of home fires (such as wood, paper, plastics, flammable liquids and electrical equipment) in any room including garages
  • Class K  is best in the kitchen for fighting fires created from cooking oils
  • Make sure that the extinguisher is large enough to put out a small fire, but not too heavy/difficult to handle
  • Install fire extinguishers close to an exit and keep your back to a clear exit when you use the device so you can make an easy escape if the fire cannot be controlled.
  • If the room fills with smoke, leave immediately…remember those Fire Drills you practiced to help you Escape!
  • To operate a fire extinguisher, remember the word PASS:
    Pull the pin. Hold the extinguisher with the nozzle pointing away from you, and release the locking mechanism.
    Aim low. Point the extinguisher at the base of the fire.
    Squeeze the lever slowly and evenly.
    Sweep the nozzle from side-to-side.

Fallon M. Flowers

Registered Nurse

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner candidate